Monday, September 9, 2013

What Veteran LA Rapper Vintage Soul Says About Marijuana Use: Counselor Corner SP®

On August 27, 2013 Tres Mali interviewed Veteran LA Rapper Vintage Soul about Marijuana. Tres Mali: While looking through "The Philadelphia Trumpet" Magazine, a page nine article from Feburary 2013 asks, "What is wrong with marijuana?and says that 67% of teens have used marijuana." Some of your pictures show use of cannabis, what do you think about teen use of marijuana? Vintage Soul: You should only use it when you are legal age. Tres Mali: This article also states one thing wrong with marijuana is that "It is getting stronger." Do you have any concerns about chemical additives? Vintage Soul: Well, yea, its synthetic marijuana and weed that is not naturally grown. Tres Mali: Now people are prescribed marijuana use and it looks harmless and as with you, "Glamorous" because many of the open drug users of the 1960s are now parents, grandparents, voters, and politicans. How do you feel about glamorizing marijuana? Vintage Soul:Other people glamorize other drugs, you can go to smoke shops, its prescribed now, everybody smokes weed. Tres Mali: Other drugs are common in the field of Entertainment, the stats show that "62% of adults 26 years and over go on to use cocaine if they started prior to 15 years of age. What would you do to discourage illegal druge use in the up comin Entertainers? Vintage Soul: Tell them, they should know about drug use, classes, they are going to be surrounded by drug use, its a personal decision.

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